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From the supply and demand theory, a country s implementation of expaionary monetary policy, will lead to the country s currency fell agait the other currencies, which lead to devaluation.
Before digital currency, financial sector has highly informationization.
The performance of inflation are: a, currency devaluation, second, prices continue to rise, three, overheating, essence is the social total demand is greater than the total supply.
Mobile phone short awer, thank!The four goals of monetary policy mechanism and their relatiohip?Original sideways for nearly three months time market accepted 6200 iron base, and the original $5700 before the low all the way to break down, and still didn t stop falling.
Want to see the reader forward!I bought a harvest currency closed excuse me where can I see?1 the Argentina peso = 0.
6939 RMB;, that is, if is reasonable peonal debt crisis, so less impact on society, for the influence of individual is limited.
The second is, the north to every single mardian coin market in Beijing.

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